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How to Measure the Watch Strap Size?

When it comes to watches, the strap size is an important factor to consider. The strap size refers to the width of the strap, not the length. Knowing the correct strap size is crucial when replacing or purchasing a new watch strap. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to measure the watch strap size accurately.

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools

Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools:

  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Watch and Watch strap

Step 2: Measure the width of the strap

Place the ruler or tape measure the space between the lugs of the watch. Ensure that the ruler is parallel to the lugs of the watch. Take note of the measurement in millimeters (mm). It is common for watch straps to come in sizes such as 20mm, 22mm, or 24mm.

sometimes the strap size is mentioned on the strap as shown in above picture

Step 3: Verify the size

Once you have measured the width of the strap, cross-check it with the manufacturer’s specifications or consult a watch specialist to ensure you have the correct size.

Remember, the strap size is a crucial factor for a comfortable and secure fit. By following these steps, you can confidently measure the watch strap size and make informed decisions when purchasing or replacing watch straps

Frequently asked questions on watch strap size measurements.

  1. What is the watch strap size?
    The watch strap size refers to the width of the band that attaches the timepiece to your wrist. It’s a crucial measurement to ensure compatibility and comfort with your watch.
  2. How do I measure the watch strap size?
    To measure the strap size accurately, you’ll need a ruler or a caliper. Simply measure the width of the strap at its widest point where it connects to the watch case. This is typically measured in millimeters (mm).
  3. Are there standard sizes for watch straps?
    Yes, watch straps commonly come in standard widths ranging from as narrow as 6mm to as wide as 30mm. However, some watches may have non-standard sizes, so it’s essential to measure to ensure the perfect fit.
  4. Why is it important to measure the watch strap size?
    Measuring the watch strap size ensures compatibility with your watch case. A strap that’s too wide won’t fit into the watch lugs, while one that’s too narrow will leave gaps and may not secure properly.
  5. Can I use any watch strap with my watch?
    While you may be able to fit a different size strap onto your watch, it’s not always advisable. Using a strap that’s significantly wider or narrower than the watch case can affect aesthetics and functionality.
  6. How do I know if my watch strap is the right size?
    The right size strap should fit snugly into the watch lugs without any gaps or overhang. It should also match the proportions of the watch case for a balanced look.
  7. What if my watch strap size isn’t standard?
    If your watch requires a non-standard strap size, you may need to explore custom-made options or look for adapters that can accommodate different strap widths.
  8. Can I adjust the strap size after purchasing?
    Some watch straps come with adjustable features, such as removable links or buckle notches, allowing for minor size adjustments. However, these adjustments typically have limits and may not accommodate significant size differences.
  9. Where can I find replacement watch straps in different sizes?
    Replacement watch straps are available at various retailers like, both online and offline. Ensure to check the width specifications before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your watch.
  10. What if I’m still unsure about the strap size or measurement process?
    If you’re uncertain about measuring or selecting the right strap size for your watch, consult with a professional watchmaker or jeweler. They can provide guidance and assistance based on your specific watch model and preferences.
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