invella Compatible Charger for Fossil Gen 4 & Gen 5 Smartwatch



Compatible Model: Fossil Gen 4 and Gen 5 Smartwatch

Not Supported for Gen 3, Gen 2 Smartwatch

Check Description or Contact Customer care for Confirmation of supported model


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invella Charger Compatibility:

– 1.1, Compatible with Fossil Gen 5 Garrett (FTW4038,FTW4039,FTW4040,FTW4041,FTW4042)

– 1.2, Compatible with Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Men (FTW4024,FTW4025,FTW4026)

– 1.3, Compatible with Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Women (FTW6035,FTW6036,FTW6054)

– 1.4, Compatible with Fossil Gen 4 HR (heart rate) touchscreen smartwatches

– 1.5, Compatible with Fossil Gen 4 Sport Heart Rate (model:FTW6022/FTW6024/FTW6025/FTW6026/FTW6027/FTW6028/FTW4019/FTW4021,etc.)

– 1.6, Compatible with Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR (Model:FTW4011 FTW4012 FTW4015 FTW4016 FTW4017 FTW4018…)

– 1.7, Compatible with Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR (Model:FTW6011 FTW6012 FTW6013 FTW6014 FTW6015 FTW6016 FTW6017 FTW6018 FTW6023..)

– 2.1, Compatible with Micheal kors Access Rounway (model:MKT5044 MKT5045 MKT5046 MKT5047 MKT5048 MKT5049 MKT5050 MKT5052 MKT5053 MKT5054 MKT5055 MKT5056 MKT5057 MKT5058 MKT5060 MKT5065…)

– 2.2, Compatible with Micheal kors Access Sofie Heart Rate (Model:MKT5061 MKT5062 MKT5063 MKT5064 MKT5066 MKT5067 MKT5068 MKT5069.not work with sofie without heart rate)

– 2.3, Compatible with Michael Kors Access MKGO (Model:MKT5070,MKT5071,MKT5072,MKT5073)

– 2.4, Compatible with Michael Kors Runway(MKT0002)

– 3, Compatible with Skagen Connected Falster 2 (Model:SKT5100/SKT5102/SKT5103/SKT5104/SKT5105)

– 4, Compatible with EMPORIO ARMANI Smartwatch with heart rate (model:ART5006/ART5008/ART5009/ART5010/ART9005,etc.)

– 5, Compatible with Kate Spade New York Scallop 2

– 6, Compatible with Misfit vapor 2

– 7.1, Compatible with Diesel ON Fullguard 2.5(Model: DZT9001)

– 7.2, Compatible with Diesel Axial(Model:DZT2014,DZT2016,DZT2015,DZT2017)


Fossil Gen 3 Sport/Gen 3 Explorist/Gen 3 Venture/Q Founder Gen 2/Marshal Gen 2/Q Wander Gen 2/Q Founder Gen 1
Michael Kors Access Bradshaw/Michael Kors Access Steel
Emporio Armani Gen 1
Diesel Gen 3,Gen 2,Gen 1
Skagen Falster Gen 1
Kate spade scallop 1