Tag Heuer unveils a $1,800 smartwatch that helps you keep fit and look good.

As one of the finest traditional luxury watchmakers to incorporate a high-end wearable into their product lineup, Tag Heuer was one of the first to do so with the introduction of the $1,500 Connected Watch in 2015. A few years later, the Connected Modular 45 (which costs $1,600) was released, and a Super Mario-themed variant of the Connected Watch (which costs $1,600) was released last year.

According to the manufacturer, in addition to a broader crown than its predecessor, the E3, the 45mm Connected Calibre E4 has revised push buttons for improved ease of operation. An ultra-resistant flat glass protects the OLED display, and customers will have the option of choosing between metal or the more expensive titanium as the primary materials, as well as the usual selection of strap types and colors.

The 45mm device, according to Tag Heuer, has a 30 percent higher battery life than the previous-generation E3 model, which allows for a full day of use, which includes one hour of jogging and two hours of walking or five hours of golf monitoring. Using the 42mm version, it is predicted to last a whole day with only an hour or less of recording your runs. Because it is coupled to a stand-like charger that is magnetically attached to the watch, the watch may be displayed at your bedside while it is charging.

If you’re looking for software, the watch will launch with Wear OS 2 out of the box, but you’ll be able to update for free to Wear OS 3 when it becomes available in the middle to the second half of 2018.


In addition to having a rubber strap, it is also known as the Connected Calibre E4 42mm and is priced at $1,800. (around 1,500 British pounds). In addition to one model, two others are available: one with a leather strap for $1,900 (about 1,550 pounds) and another with a metal bracelet for $2,000 (roughly 1,550 pounds) (approximately 1,650 pounds). According to the company, they are currently available for purchase on Tag Heuer’s online store, as well as in its boutiques and through other distribution partners.


It’s critical to understand Tag Heuer’s new smartwatch lineup before proceeding with the rest of the process. There are two models in total: the 42mm Connected Calibre E4 that you can see in our photographs and that we are now reviewing, as well as a 45mm variant that uses the same technology but has a little different appearance. Having previously introduced a single 45mm Calibre E3, the addition of 42mm and 45mm models to the Calibre E4 series is welcome, and the case’s reduction in thickness to 13.9mm makes it more wearable. While the materials used are unchanged — stainless steel with a ceramic bezel — there is no titanium version of the E4 available, and there is no titanium option for the E4.

Following the watch’s style, the polished stainless steel case of the 42mm Connected Calibre E4 is linked with a steel, rubber, or leather strap. We’ve found that the rubber one on our review model is comfortable, but it can get a little sweaty and doesn’t have much “give,” so we’ve had to wear it quite tightly, or else it doesn’t sit properly on our wrist, which is a little uncomfortable. In contrast, the folding clasp is something we really appreciate because it is simple to adjust and it is visually appealing.

It is possible to identify the smartwatch as a Tag Heuer product because of its instantly recognizable design. The Calibre E4 comes with a strap that is compatible with Tag Heuer’s Calibre E4. If you don’t like it or want a few different options, Tag Heuer sells a selection of straps that are compatible with the Calibre E4 that start at $200.

Although the pushers have a very mechanical feel to them, this contributes to the overall quality of the watch, and the rotating crown helps you to navigate swiftly and precisely through the watch’s settings. The bezel features hour marks as well as the Tag Heuer emblem, and because it is situated beneath the crystal, it does not interfere with touchscreen functionality.

Our Take

All discussions regarding the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 must begin with a conversation about its price. Even though it costs four or five times as much as a “normal” smartwatch, it is either essentially the same or significantly less capable in terms of functionality and technical capabilities, depending on which model you compare it to. The Calibre E4 will never, ever make financial sense for those who are motivated by the quest for worth or usefulness in their lives.

As a result, for it to be regarded successful in the marketplace, it must have the same emotional impact as a non-smart Tag Heuer watch. It’s a very well-made item, and we like how exquisite it is in its appearance. It appears that the watch faces, both on the screen and beneath the sapphire crystal, are of excellent quality, and the Tag Heuer branding is visible but not overpowering. This watch has a sumptuous feel to it. We felt appropriately remarkable while wearing it on our wrist, instead of feeling similarly fantastic while wearing a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or even an Apple Watch, for example.

Although the technology isn’t very spectacular, we think we’d receive just as much, if not more, personal satisfaction from wearing a non-smart Tag Heuer Formula One or Aquaracer watch, which costs $2,000 and doesn’t have a touchscreen. It is tough to recommend the Calibre E4 if you are looking to acquire and own a single timepiece because of all of the factors mentioned above. We can’t believe somebody with the ability to purchase a Calibre E4 doesn’t already own a non-smart Tag Heuer or another high-end Swiss timepiece, which drastically changes the dynamic.

The Calibre E4 is the ideal smartwatch to use in conjunction with another timepiece. It checks off all of the luxury boxes, has all of the necessary technology on the inside, and the activity-tracking functions are best suited for casual use. The smartwatch is worn when you require enhanced connectivity, such as while working out or exercising, and the traditional watch is dull when you do not.

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