Top Bird Feeder and Bird Foods Available Easily.

Why Adopt Bird Feeder?

– A bird feeder acts as a continuous source of food

– It provides clean and hygienic food

– It helps you attract a variety of species

– Helps you connect with nature on a daily basis

– By adopting a nest box, you are personally participating in bringing about a huge change in the conservation movement

Some of the Best Bird Feeder Designed 

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Prevents Wastage of Grain

Nature forever bird feeder is designed to reduce mess & wastage of grains. It is designed to provide comfortable perching place for birds to feed. Bottom plate helps to prevents wastage of grain.

How to Attract Birds to the Feeder?

– Visibility so birds can see the seeds

– Position the feeder in a location where birds get space to perch after feeding

– Place a bird bath as birds attract to water and this will attract them to the feeder

– Spread some seeds on the plate of the feeder, on a nearby platform and some on the ground near the feeder. This will draw more attention

– Be patient if you don’t see birds visiting as it takes a little time for birds to get accustomed to the feeder

Best Foods / Grains for Birds

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Why Feed Birds?

– Many birds, including the common house sparrow are decreasing worldwide

– Today, our farms are full of poisonous pesticides and insecticides. Birds are finding it increasingly difficult to find food and water for their day to day requirements

– Feeding birds daily will go a long way in conservation of birds

Professionally Formulated Bird Food

Professionally blended to be used with NFS feeders, hut feeders and open trays. Each ingredient has been specifically chosen for its high energy content and to encourage the widest variety of birds into your garden. It is specially formulated for Indian climatic conditions.

Handpicked Natural Ingredients of the Finest Quality

Species-Specific Nutrition: NFS bird food is handpicked by passing through rigorous quality check procedures. It is free from artificial colours, chemicals and pesticides. We do not use Chemical preservatives in our bird food or any artificial ingredients or material.

Disclaimer: All these are my personal views. Please make your own research before buying any Product.



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